What Star Wars Tells Us About Travelers: The 13 Traveler Personality Types

When it comes to travel, there are certainly many things that can go wrong. From screaming children on the plane to lost baggage to just about anything else, problems can, and usually will, arise. However, by understanding the different types of travelers  you can understand what makes people act the way they do on the road (or in the air or…traveling at light speed…whatever). Fortunately, Star Wars has provided, likely unintentionally, a pretty thorough collection of the different types of travelers. 

The Han Solo

There’s always that person that’s just so cool it seems as though they came along just to provide your party with aesthetic effect. Calm, cool, collected, and sometimes making rather unusual choices, this traveler never gets alarmed. Slightly arrogant, always flirting with the most attractive potential mate within eyesight, and always responding with “It’s okay, I’ll handle it”, this smooth talker is likely kind of annoying, but also, as much as you hate to admit it, helpful. 

The C3PO

This person is the eternal analyst, always trying to plan perfectly, needing things in the correct order, creating itineraries with times like “10:03 am” and continually warning of possible dangers. You’ll get places on time and avoid danger, but truth be told you’ve probably considered slipping this person a Benadryl, too. 

The Chewbacca 

The Chewbacca, or the Chewy, is kind of just along for the ride but comes in surprisingly useful with random strokes of genius. A rather “go along to get along” individual, this person is probably the most liked among your travel companions, will only take a stand if absolutely necessary, but will almost always yield to the desires of other and be perfectly content in doing so. 

The Luke and Leia

The eternal roller coaster of love and hate between siblings never dies, even in galaxies far far away. Of course, most of the time a person knows who their sibling is, but still, these two will always be best friends one second and heartily disagreeing the next. 

The Yoda

The wise elder of the group, this person never gets flustered by the actions of others, no matter how annoying or questionable. The Yoda always gives good advice after thinking things over and protects others, often from themselves. You know you love Grandma or Grandpa, and even though their ways can seem outdated, they’re usually right and always respected. 

The R2D2

This individual is very handy, able to fix almost anything, but is also very excitable. Always one to give his or her opinion, this person tends to panic when the C3PO tends to be calm. Where the C3PO is always planning for what could happen, the R2D2 is usually expecting the worst; however, when traveling together, the two of them balance each other quite well. 

The Obi-Wan

This person is a wise elder, also, but usually travels alone and often has a very specific purpose in traveling. Generally, this person is taking a trip to revisit the past, set aside old memories, find closure, or redeem themselves from a past mistake. Many travel memories are written by folks like this. 

The Lando

This person is the ex-con. The Lando may not be in your group, but rest assured he’s somewhere. Always looking to take advantage of others, sell someone out, or otherwise manipulate people to reach his own end, the Lando cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, he’s also hard to spot. 

The Jar-Jar

I was trying to avoid reaching into Episodes 1-3, but you have to admit there’s always the wacky person that seems to be completely distracted by almost everything, prone to random ideas and side-trips, is not always that bright, and will always delay you. However, quirkiness aside, you’re likely to have a lot of fun with this person, too. 

The Vader

There’s always a grump ready to spoil the fun, being super dark, and probably leading a few people into the dark side or on misadventures. Continually brooding, never happy with the current plans, always seeking to recruit followers, and ever trying to usurp authority, this person is just not all that great to have along. 

The Ewok

You already know – this one is the overly active screaming child that you think might eventually go all Stephen King and take over the plane, yet is too cute to really be mad at.

The Jawa

This is the “Don’t mess with me until my second cup of coffee,” traveler. 

The Jaba

Usually without the evil streak, this person is a culinary traveler, always along for the latest grub and continually seeking out restaurants. Street vendors or five-star cuisine, it doesn’t matter, this person is always seeking out the tastes of the current town. 

Of course, the above is meant to be comical, but it makes a point, too. Everyone travels differently but, just like each character adds something to the movie, every type of traveler adds their own flare to the trip, too. Learn to find humor in the personalities of others, and you can usually enjoy the trip far better. 


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  1. rahconteur says:

    Reblogged this on Rahul Karmakar's Blog and commented:
    Travel types

  2. B says:

    Oh my goodness, I think I’m a Jar-Jar. I must amend my ways. (Although it might not be so bad – I might be a Jawar. I’ll have to ask someone I’ve travelled with.)


    1. courtneyherz says:

      It’s okay, I’m totally a Jar-Jar. Although I’m sometimes a personality type that I couldn’t find in Star Wars “The Historian” – I’m always rattling off facts that nobody cares about regarding locations lol. I guess that’s why I became a travel writer, it’s an excuse to rattle them off. 😉 Thanks for reading!

  3. iceiceandrew says:

    This is SO good. Sadly, I think I’m the Jar-Jar.

    1. courtneyherz says:

      Haha, we all have a little Jar-Jar in us lol. Thanks for the comment, and for reading!

  4. starwarsanon says:

    I love this post! Made me laugh. I am, however, the C-3PO. Always will be and always have been. I’m the one saying its time to board at 10:43am. Not 10:40 or 10:45, but 10:43.

    Also, Jabba has two “b”‘s. As an FYI.

    1. courtneyherz says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it. Traveling takes all kinds, and it takes the C-3POs to keep us Jar-Jars in line and on time haha. And thanks for the spelling correction. I saw it both ways and wasn’t sure which it actually was.

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