Crawling Out of the Cave For a Moment


So I know I’ve been pretty absent for awhile. Every once in awhile on Constant Content, something amazing happens. They’ll have a client that basically informs them hey, I have a bunch of articles I need to drop, can you put together a writer pool for me? 

Well *excited dance* I was invited to a writer pool for the first time, and I am absolutely loving it. However, between that and the other work I do, and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month if you’re not familiar), I’ve been writing upwards of 15,000 words per day. 

*blank stare*

So. I haven’t really had the physical ability to, after completing my day’s work, log on and blog. So sorry! 

In the interest of full disclosure, this project will likely be a few months long, so if I’m on and off, that’s why. I will try to post somewhat regularly, though. 

I have a blog scheduled for today. (Of course I also had a workout scheduled for yesterday and..well..). So hopefully I’ll be able to post that in a bit. But as it is, I’ll be working through the night until probably dawn tomorrow, even though I woke up before dawn today, trying to get ahead of some deadlines. 

My blog for today is scheduled to be about authoritative sources: what’s authoritative, what’s not, and how to find them. A lot of writing assignments will require you to use authoritative sources, and I’m going to cry if I see one more person use Wikipedia as a link to an “authoritative source”. Read Wiki articles to get an overview of a topic, sure, but…well…I’ll save it for the blog. 🙂 

In any event, I’ll try to post at least every other day, more if I can. 

Until then, happy writing!


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