Finding Your Voice in Writing and the Importance of Blogging

First of all, I have to say thanks to all my followers. I just reached 101 followers, and while I know that’s not considered much in the blogging world, I find it completely surprising that 100 people care about what I say on this blog. Of course, I’m glad for it, and I hope the blog continues to grow, and I hope that you all find it helpful in some way. So thanks for following along!

In the same vein, but on a slightly different subject, I wanted to address why it’s important to have a blog, especially as a writer. I’ve seen in various forums, Facebook groups, and heard in conversations the question “Is it beneficial to have a blog? Do I really need one?”

I think having a blog is one of the greatest benefits technology has given us. I put it right up there with social media. Why? Because it allows us to have a voice. Each and every person on the face of the planet has a story, whether they think so or not. Having a blog allows you to tell your story and use your voice. Media used to be the only way anyone could get news. And by media I mean big media, big networks, etc. When any one or a few groups hold so much information, they can do what they want with it. But when common people can take to the internet and start making news of their own, that’s magic. That’s when we really have a voice as a people and as individuals. 

For writers in particular, though, it’s important to have a blog for another reason. Amid the articles you’ll write on greenhouses, how to decorate a nursery, which solar solution is best for your home, and orca whales, you might find yourself wondering when you get to use the word “I”. One of the reasons I love Yahoo! Voices is not because they pay a lot, but because I get to write about things I’m passionate about using my own voice. Blogging affords you that same privilege. 

Not only that, but being able to write using your voice allows people who are considering hiring you to witness a completely different side of your writing that doesn’t necessarily get to shine through in the “5 Ways to Save the World” kind of articles. Being able to say “I” is very powerful. It allows you to claim authority, to express your beliefs, to embrace your passion, and to use your voice to better lives, inspire others, support a cause, or tell a story.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, epic novels or short stories, write only in one area or have multiple areas of expertise, you should get a blog. As corporate as the writing business can sometimes feel, the beauty of it is that most clients really do want to know you’re a living, breathing, feeling human being. Having a blog is a great way to express that while showing off your writing skills in the process.

I know this post was more of a free association pep talk, but it’s something I was thinking about, and I thought you all might find it interesting. I plan to do a more structured blog later about the benefits of blogging that’s a little more informative, but hopefully this gives you some food for thought in the meantime.

Do you have any stories of how blogging helped your career as a writer, or how it helped you personally? Comment and let us know!

Until next time, happy writing!


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  1. I was contemplating writing a post in the coming year on why blogging is a great new thing to try out in the new year 🙂

    1. courtneyherz says:

      That sounds like a great idea! Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been neglectful of my blog for a couple of weeks lol. 🙂

      1. courtneyherz says:

        Awesome! I’ll go check it out!

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