eBook Announcement!!! :)

  That’s mah eBook! Right therr.


So I know that at least a few people have asked me about writing an eBook, and ironically enough I was in the process of doing that anyway. But I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, and for awhile I thought it would never happen. But fortunately, it is finished, it is published (or at least Kindle says it will be available in 12-48 hours), and I am excited!

There are about 583,293 things I could have written about when it comes to freelance writing. At first I thought about just writing a full guide to freelancing, but then my head hurt, I grabbed a cup of coffee, and took a nap. Not happening. At least not this month!

So I thought to myself…what would I have liked to have had when I started freelancing? And it dawned on me. Sometimes it’s way more important to know what not to do than it is to have a full on guidebook of information overload. That’s what my blog is for. 🙂 

Alas – “The Top 25 Mistakes Freelance Writers Make (And How to Fix Them)” was born, and has finally been completed. I’m sure it’s not perfect, there’s probably a typo or two even though I spent many a night reviewing it, but at the very least I hope it provides you with a baseline of mistakes to avoid in a handy format you can carry around on your Kindle, tablet, phone, or laptop.

So how much for this little book of knowledge? Just $3. I was going to sell it for $2.99 but a) I don’t think anyone is fooled by that, b) I hate having odd amounts taken out of my bank account and thought you would, too, and c) I’m just wayyyy too obsessive compulsive to leave it at $2.99. I like nice round numbers.

Hopefully that makes the book affordable, accessible, and I hope you enjoy reading it. Also, if any of you ever decide to write an eBook I would love to recommend my formatter, who also designed my cover. She’s amazing. Here’s her Elance profile. 🙂 (See, I told you Elance wasn’t the devil.)

Now, my dear readers and fellow writers. I have a question for you.

I can’t decide which of the following three things to do my next eBook on, and I would LOVE your help. Since you guys are the ones that read my ramblings, I figure who better to ask? If you could leave either A, B, or C in the comments, and maybe some commentary on why you chose that one, that would be so awesome! I do plan to complete all three, so it’s not a matter of which to do, just which to do first. 🙂

A – 30 Places to Find Writing Work Online (And How to Make the Most of Them)

B – Marketing 101 For Freelance Writers: A Step By Step Guide to Finding, Pitching, and Landing Top Paying Work 

C – It’s All in Your Head: How to Grow Your Freelance Writing Business by Thinking Like a Client

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who reads this blog. When I started writing here, I really just did it because I figured having a blog would be good writing practice, and thought maybe I could help a few people along the way. I know in the world of blogging 100 something followers isn’t earth shattering, but to me, the fact that 100+ people care enough about what I write to get annoying little emails in their inbox that tell them I wrote something else blows my mind. 

Thank you guys a million, and if there’s ever anything you want to know about, leave me a comment and even if I don’t get back to the comment right away, I will write a post to address your question so we can all benefit. 😀 

Until next time – happy writing! (And yes I will write something of value today now that my shameless self promotion is complete.) 🙂 


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  1. Congratulations! Hope it goes well for you.

    1. courtneyherz says:

      Thanks! I need to fix a few typos I just noticed, but a friend of mine told me about a program that lets me do that so *phew* lol. But it’s my first one, so, you live and learn right? haha. 🙂

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