The Fifty Book Giveaway!

You read it right! I’m here again today, but this time to tell you about a really awesome deal I’m offering.

As you know, “The Magician: Book One of the Rogue Portal Series” is in its editing stages, and will be released and published on March 15, 2015!

Bet you’d like a copy. In fact, I bet you’d even like a signed copy. Right?

Well here’s your chance! The first 50 people to go to the Amazon link below, download “Balance”, the prequel to The Rogue Portal Series, and leave a review will get a signed copy of “The Magician”. It doesn’t even have to be a 5-star review – just an honest one.

After you leave your review, simply email me at with either a screenshot of your review or your Amazon username, and your shipping address. That’s it!

Not up for downloading the short story prequel? No worries! Anyone who likes The Rogue Portal Fan Page on Facebook will be automatically entered to win a signed copy of the book – four winners will be chosen.

Thank you all for reading, for being a part of this community, and for helping to spread the word about the series. I’m grateful for each and every one of you!


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