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I have returned victorious from the editing cave. Well…for a moment. I’m not done. But I’m at least progressing at a rate that I feel comfortable with. So I’m back on the blog to update you all, my awesome followers, on a bunch of stuff going on.

“The Magician” is Available for Pre-Release!

At long last, “The Magician: Book One of The Rogue Portal Series”, is available for pre-release on Kindle! Click the image to head to the Amazon page!


Follow Me on Wattpad for Sneak Peeks! 

I’m on Wattpad! People have mixed feelings about it, but I happen to love it. I think it’s a really great outlet if used properly, meaning used to connect with readers. My readership is so important to me, and I highly value a connection with all of you. After all, if you’re sticking with me for 270 pages (or a heck of a lot more if you hang in for the series and other things I write), I owe it to you to care. Right?

That’s my philosophy on being an author. I write the stories I need to write,  yes. But I also write for you, my valued reader, and I care about what you think.

I also feel that if you’re going to ask people to buy your books and read them, they should know what they’re getting into. Let’s face it, you get samples of just about everything before you buy it, right? You test drive cars, you get brownie bites at bakeries, and you can listen to a song before buying the album. Why in the world should you be expected to buy a book when all you get is a tiny little preview on Kindle, or, in other cases, nothing. If you can pick it up and start reading it in a bookstore without buying it, the same should be true online.

That’s why I love Wattpad SO much. In fact, you can read the first 4 chapters of “The Magician” before it’s released to see if it’s right for you. Follow me on Wattpad if you want to keep up with the latest, get more sneak peeks, and be able to read the rest of the series before it’s ever published. You heard me; for the remainder of The Rogue Portal Series I’ll be uploading the book chapter by chapter on Wattpad to get reader feedback before making it available for purchase. Your feedback helps me write a better story, and I want to thank you by making it available for free. Before anyone else sees it. 

So, without further adieu, here’s my Wattpad Link.

Speaking of Free Stuff and Sneak Peeks…

I have a brand spanking new author websitePlease feel free to check out courtneyherz.com. If you sign up for my newsletter (which I hope you do!) you’ll be privy to exclusive “Newsletter Nibs” – stories written only for my newsletter subscribers that will never be published elsewhere – behind the scenes looks at what I’m working on, videos, giveaways, contests, character interviews, and much more! For free! The newsletter will be a weekly email, no more and no less, and I’d be so honored if you’d sign up! No fancy forms to fill out – just an email address!

Oh…Speaking of Social…

If you dig The Rogue Portal series and you’d like to follow on Facebook, please do so here:

The Rogue Portal

Courtney Herz Fan Page

And if you’re chatting about The Rogue Portal series, feel free to throw in the hash tag #RoguePortal.

And Finally….

If you’re wondering what in the world you’re supposed to read between the release of Book One of The Rogue Portal Series in just a couple of weeks, and the second book release in June (oops…did I just leak that?), there’s this….

Not Quite Files

Oh yes….stories abound. Before you groan, I promise that these fairy tale re-tellings are nothing like what you’ve seen before. And you will enjoy them. But because I know you might not believe me…you guessed it…the first 7 chapters of each book will go on Wattpad first. The Not Quite Series explores the more adult-appropriate versions of what likely happened in our favorite fairy tales, and if they’re as much fun to read as they have been to start writing, you’ll be thrilled.

That’s all folks! Those are all my updates for right now. Thank you SO much for your patience in my absence, and I hope you’ll follow, vote, subscribe, share, and do a happy dance while you’re at it. 

Questions? Comments? Favorite recipes? New workout plan? Cats raining from the sky? Whatever your updates are, I’m interested! Let me know in the comments!


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  1. blondeusk says:

    How do you feel post editing?

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