Day 15 – I’ve Got My Cover Covered!

How flattering is this?

Shanan Winters

risingcoverfrontThis is a test. This is only a test. If this were a real cover, it would be a lot more exciting and a lot less… sucktastic.

I have a novel written. I have a typesetter, and a publisher and a cover artist… who happen to be one-in-the-same. Courtney over at Ravensong Digital Publishing makes amazing covers. No really… like, beautiful. Incredible. I love her work. She’s also does great typesetting work and she knows a thing-or-ten about publishing and marketing.

So… my cover is covered (even if we do have a dozen ideas between us… we’ll settle on something.)

Now I just need to finish my final edit so that she can do the typesetting, determine the book size and… you know… actually design the cover.

balanceHow did I choose Courtney? Well, that’s pretty easy… I was her editor for a few of her short pieces. I do the…

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