Well That’s Just Sad

Apparently I’ve been away from this blog for so long that the entire user experience from the posting side has changed. Which led to a minor heart attack when the header said “publish your first post!”, which made me say uhmmm nooo, this should be my hundred and somethingeth (it’s a word, I promise) post.

In any case, everything is now fine, I kind of like the look, and my cardiac test is complete and passed. Phew!

Comments and Messages 

If you’ve left me comments or messages here and I haven’t responded, never fear. I’m not ignoring you, I’m just getting back to everything on this blog. So I’ll be going through and approving/responding to everything shortly.


Given that this is the season of thankfulness, I do have to say that I’m incredibly thankful for all of you. Even when I’m away from the blog for a period of time, I’m always getting notifications that people are reading, liking, commenting, and sharing my posts. I particularly love hearing how these posts have helped you in your freelancing career! I’ve even found some of these posts pop up on the first page of some search results about freelance writing, which blows my mind, and is all thanks to you. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Speaking of Helping Writers…

There is a new eBook coming out soon. I’m saying soon because every time I give a date, something inevitably happens to make that date not possible, and it makes me look like a flake. I don’t want to look like a flake.

Therefore, I’m going to be publishing this eBook soon. 😀

The book is for freelance writers and addresses the topic of research. Research is SO important. Sure, you can take some articles and rewrite them, sell them on Constant Content and call it a day. Not like we don’t do that all day long. (Oh like you don’t know, I see you.)

It’s easy, you get an easy $40 or so, wash, rinse, repeat.

The problem with this, other than it takes a lot of writing and a lot of articles to earn a decent living that way, is that you aren’t really building any credibility. Credibility can only be gained when you’re writing things for clients who publish (or magazines who publish) your name as a byline.

Now, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I’m not saying that Constant Content is a bad idea. I love Constant Content, because I can make money there while I do other things from relatively simple articles that didn’t take me long to write.

But it is important to do real, hard research and write solid pieces if you want to get anywhere in the magazine and business world, which is a new pursuit of mine.

The problem is, research takes a lot of time, and no matter how fun it is to sit in a cafe drinking coffee and reading about the ecosystem of the narwhal for three days, you’ll inevitably start to panic because it feels like wasted time. 

And it would be wasted time. If you only used it for one piece.

*drum roll please*

And that’s where this book comes in. It teaches you all about how to use that research to write a TON of content that you can sell to businesses, publish articles on Kindle, pitch to magazines, write books, and more. All from one set of research.

It walks you through the process, from sources to look for, how to read efficiently, how to compile your notes, and everything you’ll need, step by step, to complete the process, become an expert in anything you want to know about, and sell your tail off doing it.

Now, this is just my process. It’s what I do to take advantage of my research time so it’s not wasted on just one thing. I even have some worksheets and resource lists to help you along the way. If you feel like changing or amending it as you go along, feel free! It’s just a way to help you get more mileage and money out of your research time.

It is also the first book in a series I’m writing for freelancers. There’s a lot of crappy information (wait, can I say that on a professional blog? *shrug* I just did..) out there about freelancing, and it drives me nuts. Because if you’re just starting out, it sounds good.

But it’s not actually helpful for long-term success, and long-term success is what you need.

Free Stuff Because You Rock! 

So here’s the best part. I’m giving this eBook away for free to those of you who read this blog (or stumble across it – you rock, too!) because I think you are all amazing. The only thing I’m asking in return for it is your email address. Sign up for the newsletter (it’s coming) and you’ll automatically receive a free copy of the eBook in various formats. (So if you want it in PDF, you can have it, or if you want it in EPUB, you can put it on your Kindle, etc.)

I don’t have the list or the sites set up yet, and I’m finishing up the book hopefully in the next couple of days, but once everything is in place, I’ll be back here to let you know about it.

But, in the meantime, I’m going to practice what I preach and re-purpose some of the content of the book to write a blog series about researching for freelancers. I hope you’ll stick around for that.

*checks word count* Seriously SOME day I’m going to write a post under 1,000 words. I promise. There may come a day where I am short-winded, but it is not this day.

Alright. That’s all the updating I have for you today, but stay tuned for the research series, the eBook, and the free offer!

Have a wonderful holiday post-turkey coma, and I shall see you shortly!

Until next time, happy writing!



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