Group Experiment: Who’s In?

Recently, I was talking to someone who told me they would write for sites like Constant Content if they could just figure out what to write about. This person was convinced that she couldn’t create sellable content unless she put hours and hours into researching, and she just didn’t have that kind of time.

I hear this all the time. And at one point, I believed it, too.

However, this belief is a lie, and it’s a particularly dangerous lie. It’s not only dangerous because you’re limiting your earning potential. It’s dangerous because it’s reinforcing the belief that you don’t know anything of value, and that’s just not true.

Everyone knows something. In fact, I would venture to say that everyone knows a whole lot. Maybe you have a specific interest, like board games. Or the history of ancient Egypt. Or plate tectonics.

Or, maybe you’re interested in a whole lot of things.

Regardless, you DO know enough to write content. Keep in mind that I once sold an article about how to pick out a ripe pineapple. I happen to know a lot about fruit because I’ve done extensive research on raw veganism. That article sold on CC for $40. Not bad for ten minutes of work.

Just because you think something won’t be interesting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about it. There’s a market for writing about every subject. Yes, you should write about topics that are associated with industries. Business owners, after all, are the people who need, buy, and use content (or the marketing managers). But while legal articles are very obviously connected to an industry, other topics that are just as closely linked to monetization aren’t as obvious.

Think about the article about picking out a ripe pineapple. I wrote it because I thought it was helpful and interesting and it was something I knew about without having to do research. But think of all the people who could use that article. Nutrition shops, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, health stores, vegan blogs, and even doctors could use that information to target and help their audience. But you might not see it as sellable when the idea first comes to you.

I decided to prove that everyone knows enough to write several pieces of content without research. Between now and the end of Sunday, January 24, I’m going to write as many articles as I can without doing a stitch of research.

After four days we’ll see where I’m at as far as article count goes.

For me, the first step will be to brainstorm all the things I know a lot about without having to look it up. Music, various types of art, Photoshop, blogging, gardening, autism, ABA, and bankruptcy law come to mind without even trying that hard. If I think more about it I could write about SEO, business topics, marketing (various types), makeup, interview tips, and how to survive life in a cubicle.

Take ten or 15 minutes and start writing down things you know a lot about. Even if you only know enough to write a few articles, jot it down.

Then, if you choose to do this experiment with me, come back here on Sunday. There will be a new post where we can discuss the results (and where you’ll be able to see mine).

I think this is an exciting experiment, and I hope it will prove to you just how much you really do know about.

See you all on Sunday!

Until then, happy writing.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Abigail Patrick says:

    This is a fascinating experiment! Do keep us posted!

    1. courtneyherz says:

      Will do! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Meags says:

    Great advice, I started my blog last week and I haven’t done any research for my last 5 blogs, so it definitely works. 🙂 I was too lazy to research, but realized I didn’t need to!

    1. courtneyherz says:

      Awesome!!! 😀 What’s your blog? Link it. 🙂 I’d love to see/follow.

      1. Meags says:

  3. courtneyherz says:

    Ooo awesome! Looks great! 🙂

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