5 Top-Selling Categories on Constant Content

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Updates and Business Stuff

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with more advice! First, a bit of updating. I’ve done some pondering and planning, and I’ve decided to keep this blog going as my advice to freelancers blog. Awhile back I’d mentioned that I might split off and take this to a new location in light of the A Freelance Writer’s Guide to Research ebook (and its subsequent series).

However, this blog – and your response to it – is really what inspired the series to begin with. I essentially wrote it for all of you. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to make you all travel to a whole new website.

Instead, I’ll continue here with my advice to freelancers, and we’ll just keep building. πŸ™‚

The Constant Content Stuff

With that out of the way, let’s continue.

Of all the topics I cover here, Constant Content is one of the most popular. In fact, it’s the most popular. I completely understand why. It’s a great way to be able to earn an income writing about whatever you want with the ability to set your own prices. However, it comes with a bit of ambiguity, as well.

What should you write about? What should you avoid writing about? What sells consistently?

There’s so much to cover about Constant Content that I’ve planned an addition to the A Freelance Writer’s Guide To series that’s all about Constant Content. But for now, let’s cover one of the most important topics: what to write about.

You can – and should – write about many different topics. However, some sell more consistently than others. I’ve been on Constant Content for a couple of years, and the following five categories are those I see requested the most, selling the most, and earning the most.

#5 – Home and DIY

If you know about the home – as in home improvement, home decorating, how to keep a nice home, decorating at home, pretty much anything to do with the house and home living – you’re in luck! This category sells pretty consistently. Some of the topics I’ve seen include:

  • pest control
  • natural cleaning solutions
  • decorating for holidays
  • make your own (insert normally expensive thing here)
  • setting up a nursery (this is more home than parenting because it discusses the actual house and the rooms therein)
  • lawn and garden tips
  • landscaping tips
  • how to fix (plumbing problems, broken items, etc.) on your own
  • solar power/paneling/pros and cons

#4 – Law

Legal articles sell very well, and they demand relatively high prices, also. Home and DIY sell a lot, but you can’t demand the prices for articles in that category that you can in the legal category. If you can write about law in terms the average person can understand, you can stand to make a very good amount of money. Some of the subjects that sell the best include immigration law, criminal law, real estate law, business/corporate law, and traffic law. However, any area of law will do. I can net at least 10 cents per word for my legal articles, which is a selling price of 13 cents per word. That’s pretty decent.

#3 – Medicine, Health, and Fitness

If you can talk about diseases, natural cures, how to lose weight, different diet plans, workout tips, sports for people with knee injuries, ways for seniors to stay active, alternative therapies for autoimmune diseases, or any topic similar to these, you can make a good amount of money on a consistent basis on CC. You can usually net between 10 and 12 cents per word for these articles, but I typically like to shoot for 9-10 cents per word. My personal strategy on CC is to sell quantity, so I don’t mind 10 cents a word as my net price earned. For a short 500-word article, that’s $50. I’m good with that. But you have to decide what’s right for your business.

#2 – Business, Finance, and Real Estate

These categories sell like wildfire. This is particularly true if you can write about dense topics in a way that anyone can understand. If you can write clearly and concisely about digital marketing, insurance, business plans, startups, agile project management, and other similar topics, you’re golden. Expect to earn a net price of around 10-14 cents per word for these topics. I’ve seen articles sell for upwards of $200. For one article. So…there’s that for you. Of course it depends on the quality of your writing, the specific topic you choose to write about, etc. But these subjects do very, very well.

#1 – Technology

I can’t tell you how many technology articles I’ve seen flying out the door on Constant Content. This has been one of the most consistently selling topics that I have personally observed since joining Constant Content. If you can explain the ins and outs of hard-to-understand technology – especially as it relates to business, marketing, and international business – you’ll do very well. You can demand higher prices for these articles, as well (see #2 and #4).

If you’ll notice, these topics all have something in common. They’re taking really complex things (how to fix your plumbing problem, technology, finance, law) and putting them into words that people who aren’t professionals in those fields can understand. By and large, that’s the key to a successful article on Constant Content – and everywhere else, too.

Keep in mind that the people who buy these articles are going to place them on their website (or their client’s), and they want to bring in customers by educating them and showing their expertise. Don’t write to your client. Write to your client’s client – a.k.a. the average person.

If you can boil down dense topics and serve them in a palatable way, you’ll do very well.

Hopefully this has helped you come up with some ideas to write about. Let me know what you think (and what your personal experience has been) in the comments!


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