Read as I write. For free.

Hi, guys!

So, I’m trying an experiment. I started one like it awhile back, but I never finished it. Mainly because I was seriously struggling in the area of focus.

I’m still pretty scattered, but I’m narrowing my ambitions to writing alone. Particularly writing of the fiction variety. (Don’t worry, I’m still working on the Freelancer’s Guide series, just slowly.)

The experiment goes like this. I’m going to write a book and post each chapter as I’m done with it. I’ll post it here and over on Wattpad. I’d love it if you’d throw a comment or like my way on Wattpad if you do, in fact, like the story.

I’m basically writing a book and you’re watching it happen in real time. I’m not waiting until the end to publish it. I’m posting each day’s work as it happens. Minimal to no editing.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this as much as I am already! It’s a murder mystery/thriller, and it’s the first in a series. If you’d like to read the first chapter of Tracks in the Snow, you can head on over to the Wattpad page and read away. I’ll be posting the text of the story here, as well, but the likes and comments on Wattpad really do help out. So, thanks in advance if you head on over there and show your support. 😀

I’m really curious to know what you think, and I hope you’ll follow along through this journey! I tend to write pretty fast, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for the finished product.

Feel free to like, share, comment, and promote. Just don’t steal it. 😀

Until next time, happy writing!


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