5 Top-Selling Categories on Constant Content

Hi everyone! Updates and Business Stuff It’s been awhile, but I’m back with more advice! First, a bit of updating. I’ve done some pondering and planning, and I’ve decided to keep this blog going as my advice to freelancers blog. Awhile back I’d mentioned that I might split off and take this to a new…

Group Experiment: Who’s In?

Recently, I was talking to someone who told me they would write for sites like Constant Content if they could just figure out what to write about. This person was convinced that she couldn’t create sellable content unless she put hours and hours into researching, and she just didn’t have that kind of time. I…

Writing Longhand Saves Time: Here’s Why

In a paradoxical twist, writing longhand saves you time because it slows you down. I know, it’s a mind bender, but think about it. Part of the reason writing longhand is so efficient is that it forces you to really think about the words you’re writing.

If you’re anything like me, typing tends to be a pile of word vomit. This is truer the faster you type. When you can pretty much type at the speed of thought, you wind up with a lot of rambling nonsense that you have to edit later. You’re also bound to skip over important information because you’re going too fast.

Writing by hand allows you to slow that process down, allowing you to think more clearly – away from distractions – and allows your brain to filter out the fluff words before they ever make it onto the page.