Resources and Links

Here’s an ongoing list of all the resources I think you’ll find helpful as you create a freelancing life you own and love. All of these links open in a new tab, so never fear! Give the right click a rest. 😉

Carol Tice’s “Make a Living Writing” Blog

For all things freelance writing, Carol Tice is the place to go. I learned a lot about what I’d been doing wrong for years by reading her blog, and I highly recommend it. She also has a paid subscription service called The Freelance Writer’s Den. It only opens once in awhile, but as someone who has used it, it’s invaluable in the information you’ll find there. Even without that, though, you can binge read her site for weeks. Ask me how I know.

Purdue OWL’s Writing Resources

Where does that comma go? How do I cite that source? APA? MLA? WTF? If this sounds like you, the Purdue OWL is the place to go. You’ll find every little, nuanced rule of writing there for your use with helpful examples to boot!


If you’re not using it, you need to be. The paid version is worth it. Not only can you install it directly into Microsoft Word, but it installs into Firefox, as well. Literally, as I’m typing this it’s working and telling me what to correct. The paid version goes beyond the power of the basic version – and that’s pretty powerful – to tell you when you could use a different word, when you repeat a word too often, when you are using the passive voice, and so on. I pay $60 on a quarterly basis. However, I have far less work returned to me from editors when I use it, and that in and of itself is worth it. It doesn’t remove the need to edit, but it does help catch all the mistakes you’ll miss after hours of writing.